Keith schneider 

Keith schneider 

The Mission

The one consistent barrier we heard from DIY builders is that detailed, reliable and time tested information is extremely difficult to find. 

So Keith followed their suggestions and we launched HOW TO BUILD TINY, a curriculum of complete, reliable and time tested information. We have taken our expertise and all the lessons that we've learned from 35 tiny house builds and made it accessible to the world.


        Just like a car, a Tiny House is an extremely complicated machine with thousands of connected components – but unlike a car it is possible for many DIYers to build their own home from scratch.

Our mission is to help everyone who takes on a tiny build, of any kind, follow their project through to a successful completion – on schedule, on budget, of the highest quality while remaining a fun experience from start to finish. We will help your tiny house to be trouble free and to last generations.

HOW TO BUILD TINY is a line of videos, books, 3-D blueprints and live help. These resources will teach any DIYer, who takes on a tiny build, the inner workings of every component and layer.